Due to long experience with media literacy, CML is well prepared to answer the who, what, where, when and hows of the field. What should a district consider regarding policy when introducing media literacy? What are some ways to manage the change that is inevitable with using new processes or teaching tactics? What are some approaches to working with staff and with students? What educational materials work best to get started?

Whether you are seeking inspiration or information, you'll find that CML has professional experience to draw upon and share, either from our highly qualified staff or from our wide network of colleagues.


CML's staff is available for consultation in a wide range of media literacy-related areas:

  • Organization development/change management and professional development in districts and schools,
  • How to set up a systems and research-based media literacy program, and
  • Designing a professional development system to train teachers on integrating media literacy with a variety of subjects.

Contact CML to explore how CML can assist you.


As international experts in the media literacy field, CML's staff and associates are called upon to deliver addresses at major conferences, conventions and institutes. Whether exploring trends in the media literacy field itself, or a major topic area such as violence in the media or the trivialization of news, CML is prepared to stimulate and inform audiences with lively media-based presentations or interactive conversations.  Contact CML to explore how CML can assist you.