MediaLit Kit Organization

CML MediaLit Kit™:  How It is Organized  
The CML MediaLit Kit contains all the components necessary for teaching media literacy basics and for integrating CML's basic framework for media literacy with other academic disciplines. To provide resources for the Theory, Practice and Implementation of media literacy programs, the CML MediaLit Kit website contains the following categories of materials:

  • CML's Basic Framework.  These resources are comprised of easy-to-read explanatory books and a Powerpoint presentation for professional development. 
  • Professional Development.  CML's research shows that trained teachers are the teachers who get results with delivering media ltieracy programs to their students.  All of CML's curricula contain professional development modules, and prior to teaching, it is essential to have an understanding of CML's Basic Framework (Q/TIPS). 
  • Curriculum Design Tools.  Q/TIPS can be applied to any subject or theme, and CML's system for designing curriculum is replicable, scalable and research-based.
  • Curricula, Lessons, Activities, Assessments.  CML provides a range of curricula, lessons, activities and assessments that can be used and adapted.
  • Cases.  To get started with curricular integration of media literacy, it is helpful to review cases where schools started new media literacy programs. Experience is the best teacher!
  • Videos.  CML's YouTube Channel offers several types of helpful videos:  sample videos for deconstruction, "classic" media literacy videos, interviews with teachers and media literacy leaders, and teaching tips.
  • Research and Evaluation. CML continually undertakes research and development efforts that are documented through this website, through the Connections newsletter and through articles in professional and peer-reviewed journals.